Office of Technical Support & Asset Management

The mission of the Office of Technical Support and Asset Management (OTSAM) is to provide comprehensive and high quality services to EMCBC Cincinnati, EMCBC Field Sites, and the DOE Complex. OTSAM will meet or exceed our customer's expectations in providing Technical support and assistance in the areas of Health, Safety, and Quality Assurance, Project Management, Procurement Management, and Asset Management. OTSAM Services include Federal Project Management support, Regulatory Compliance reviews, Health, Safety, and Quality Assurance Subject Matter Expertise, Contractor Oversight Assistance, Waste Management and Transportation support, Emergency Management services, Security, Classification / Declassification services, Real Estate Services and Personal Property Support and Guidance. The Corporate Activity Resource Request (CARR) is the mechanism most widely used for requesting OTSAM support and assistance.
Office of Technical Support and Asset Management Services Include:
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Support
  • Health, Safety and Quality Assurance
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Safeguards and Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Radiological Protection Program Development and Review
  • Document Classification/De-Classification Reviews
  • Personal Property Management
  • Real Property Management
  • Waste Management and Transportation
  • Technical Qualification Program Development
  • Technical Services Staff
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